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Shirdi Aurangabad Ellora caves
Grishneshwar Temple Daulatabad Ajanta caves
Shirdi - located approximately 296 km from Mumbai, was established in 1922 to carry out the noble service of the saint Shri Sai Baba. The saga of Shri Sathya Sai Baba of Shirdi started in the middle of the last century when, as a boy about 16 years of age, he first appeared here under a neem tree absorbed in a hard penance. He devoted 60 years of life to the upliftment of the poor and suffering. The saint was believed to be an incarnation of lord Shiva and his teachings transcended all religions and beliefs. A pilgrimage for his followers, Shirdi provides various facilities for the devotees.

Aurangabad - Malik Amber founded the city, originally called Khadke, or “Big Rock”, in the early 16th century. The city is known for its medieval monuments and cultural heritage and was the seat of the Mughal Empire for a short period. When Aurangzeb became the Viceroy of the Deccan, he made it his capital, and renamed it Aurangabad. It is surrounded by hills. The present Government names this city as ‘Sambhajinagar'.

Ellora Caves - Impressive in their own right is the rock-hewn temples and monasteries of Ellora that lie just 30 km away from Aurangabad city. In all, there are 34 cave temples, 12 Mahayana Buddhist caves (550-750 AD), 17 Hindu caves (600-875 AD) and 5 caves of the Jain faith (800-1000 AD) 22 more caves, dedicated to Lord Shiva, were recently discovered. Kailas Temple (cave16), the central attraction at Ellora, is the most remarkable.

Daulatabad - Rising dramatically over 600 ft above the Deccan plain, standing on a pyramid - shaped hill, is this impressive fortress, once known as 'Devgiri' meaning "Hills of Gods". This fort served as the head quarters of the powerful Yadava rulers. It is supposed to have been originally a Buddhist monastery. Over its remains, the first fort was built in the 9th century and later between the 11th to 14th centuries, the present fort was constructed. The Delhi sultan of the Khilji dynasty captured this fort in 1296. The Sultan of Delhi, Muhammad Bin Tuglaq, renamed this place Daulatabad, "City Of Fortune" and even shifted his capital.

Grishneshwar Temple - built by Rani Ahillyabai Holkar is an important Hindu pilgrim place located in the village of Verul, near Ellora caves. It is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of India, where Lord Shiva is worshipped. Half a kilometre from Ellora lies this beautiful temple, built by Rani Ahillyabai Holkar, a Maratha princess. It is the most superb example of medieval temple architecture. This Jyotirlinga is said to be self - oriented. It is the last Jyotirlinga without which the journey to the Jyotirlingas is considered incomplete. The temple walls are richly sculptured. Queen Ahilyabai Holkar, who ruled Indore from 1765 to 1795, built both the temple and its masonry tank.

Ajanta caves - Nestled in an inner fold of the Sahyadri hills, 100 kms away from Aurangabad are the 30 rock-cut caves of Ajanta, famous for its cave painting or frescoes of many colors. They contain numerous images of Buddha. Caves 1,2,16 and 17 have the best-preserved paintings. The magnificient depictions of the bodhisattvas Avalokitesvara and Padmapaniin are particularly well known. The Ajanta Caves are a World Heritage site cut from the volcanic lava of the Deccan in the forest ravines of the Sahyadri Hills. They are set in beautiful sylvan surroundings, providing a unique combination of architecture, sculpture and paintings.
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4 Nights / 5 Days
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